Exploring Outside the Box


“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” -Robin S. Sharma

Hello and welcome to my small slice of the internet. My purpose here is to step outside my comfort zone and actively express myself in this open, online setting.


  • Summary #6 Final
    Creating my final project was a lot of work, but was a lot more fun than I expected. As someone who loves writing it was fun to make a story and be able to expand into the digital elements. I decided to be a bitRead more
  • Making the Logo
    I decided to make a logo for Fey’s inn based off of the assignment Create a Logo that is Simple yet Detailed. To design the logo for the inn, I first found a website that was a logo maker. I began filling out the basicsRead more
  • Making the Poster
    I chose to include a poster as a visual part of my narrative to show what Ackerley had been looking at. I based this off of the Event Poster design assignment. To do this, I wanted to make it quite monochrome to add to theRead more
  • Making The Forest Scene
    For this design/visual assignment I used the Are We There Yet? idea and applied it to my character Ackerley. Since I have dressed as this character before I already owned the cloak I always imagine him wearing. I decided to avoid a full costume forRead more
  • Making Ackerley’s Journey
    For the video portion of my final I did a variation on the Where Do You Want To Go? assignment. I decided to keep the theme of a montage of places, but instead I wanted to show his journey using images to show the passageRead more

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