Oh the Attention

Create a GIF of your pet giving you some sass. All animals do and it is generally pretty funny. 

(AnimatedGIF Assignment Gif Your Sassy Animal)

“She’s taking pictures of me again,” thought Gretel, for the millionth time. “This happens every single day, I get it, I’m a star, I shine.” The paparazzi’s is getting too much and I must hide my eyes, for surely she has taken enough and I can say goodbye.”

My dog has allergies so she is always rubbing her eyes. However, when I take pictures and catch her it always makes me laugh because it looks like she’s embarrassed or tired of me for taking so many.

To make this image:

I took the 4 pictures of my dog and opened them as layers in GIMP.

Then I used the animation tools. Filters > animation > Optimize for GIF and Filters > animation > Playback… To get the gif running. Then I exported the content as a GIF.

A day in the list

What is a way to show this passage of time trough a day? Rather than documenting every moment, showing the things that got done was enough. This image shows the passage of time in the things completed, the time on the clock, the change in phone icons, and the depleting battery life through the day. This assignment not only was good for having another assignemnt to do, but also it helped me plan my day in a way I wouldn’t forget what I needed to do. I’m not really a list person but this almost convinced me I should be.

How it was done:

Once I took my screenshots, I uploaded all layers into GIMP. From there I had to use the Animation tools: filter > animation >?

First I had to use Optimize for Gif then used the playback to view the Gif. After that I just had to use File>Export as… and export the image as a GIF file.