The Photo Safari

When completing the photo safari, I chose to take pictures in the basement of my house. I chose this location because it is an area I use less often and nothing down there is my own. I wanted to be surprised as I searched for things to take pictures of, without having to leave my house in the cold. I did struggle to find photos at first as I’m not the best photographer and I tend to over think what I’m doing. The experience itself was interesting as I did not expect it to be so difficult for me to identify the different ideas. I think my best photo was my “all white” picture because it had a more direct subject. I struggled to really identify subjects in a lot of the pictures so this one actually made me very happy. I also think my most inventive picture was the two things that don’t belong because the hammer and pillow were already near each other and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the two objects. Overall I didn’t complete all the photos but I did get a few I really did like out of the assignment including some that I didn’t even need that I just wanted to take. I would like to do this again in a place like a grocery store or a restaurant when it is more acceptable to be out for fun.