A Fantasy Tale

Tell ds106 a fantastic tale! Add sound effects, epic music, and colorful and creative descriptions to bring your story to life. It should roughly be a 2-5 minute story. Make sure you make it nice and entertaining!

(Audio Assignment Story Time Fun) When making this sound I was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons podcasts I listen to, as well as my own games. I decided to use a tidbit of a campaign I was writing for my friends and turn it into a real intro. I tried to add music I thought suited the scene, as well as adding in subtle footsteps and background noise in the tavern they were at. My goal was to not cover the story with other sounds but enhance it just enough.

My characters in it are my elf Ackerley, My friends druid human Fey, and another friends halfling character. I am not much of a verbal story teller but I want to work on it to improve my campaigns. I rely heavily on visual story telling and writing so this was a challenge for me.


To make this track I first recorded my story in audacity using the basic record and stop buttons to separate the sections.

Then I added in my sound effects and music through file>import.

Once set up I moved my tracks to fill the necessary areas using time shift.

Finally, I changed the tone and volume of each track with the Bass & treble editor.

Then I just exported the file as an mp3.

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