Falling Asleep at an Orchestra Concert

This media assignment has two parts. First, edit a song to sound like it is playing from another room. The audio should sound muffled and the bass should be prominent. Here is an example of this effect and here is a tutorial on how to do this. The second part of this assignment is to write a weirdly specific description of your song. Here is an example of a description.

(Audio Assignment Played from Another Room)

It’s a Tuesday night and you can’t believe you agreed to be here. You are beginning to drift off as the orchestra plays in the other room. You can hear it but it is not as impactful as you wait in the ticket booth for any last minute attendees. Soon it all begins to fade out in the distance.

I inspired this piece from the music which I fall asleep to which is often an instrumental song with the description “Soft strings played from another room with fireplace crackles” or something similar. I tried to create the same effect, minus the extra sounds of fire or rain. I always find the descriptors on these pieces kind of funny as many could just be “Muted strings with rain” if they weren’t trying to sound elaborate.


To make this I took the instrumental piece in audacity and enhanced the bass while reducing the treble a touch. Effects>bass and treble.

Then I found the low-pass filter and increased the frequency and roll off.

After that I just exported the sound as an MP3.

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