I don’t want that book

The¬†Abebooks Weird Book Room¬†lists a collection of titles so farcical you would think they are made up, but they are not. “Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals”, “Beyond Leaf Raking “, and “Goats: Homeopathic Remedies” are all actual book titles — “finest source of everything that’s bizarre, odd and downright weird in books.”

Your assignment is to design the cover of a book title so weird that it will look like it will fit right in to the Weird Book Room. Be sure to include a little bit of jacket blurb for your blog post where you include your designed book cover. Go weird!

(Design Assignment Weird Book Room)

Answer sheet with pencil

“Bad scores are a thing of the past if you know your way around them. This step by step guide will help you pass with flying colors. Find your smartest friend and bring them round to help you pass the test!”

This book cover is inspired by a dumb joke my friends had in high school. When one of my friends had gotten an almost perfect SAT score he joked that he would give his score to one of us in his will so we didn’t have to do our own. I took the idea of copying the general layout of an SAT prep book but turning it into this messed up guide.


I implemented all my layers using open as layers to start.

Then I arranged as needed using the transform tools.

I mainly used the scale tool to arrange my layers to the right proportions on the image.

Then I used the Set Opacity tool which I did not know where to find so I went under help and searched for it. I choses to reduce opacity by 10%.

I then added the Text into the page. I just used the text tool in the side bar.

Finally I used the blur tool on the base layer so the background was slightly out of focus.

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