I swear I was there

Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing. 

(Design Assignment Are We There Yet?)

It’s just a sunny Summer day and I’m sitting in the public gardens in Halifax. I decided to bring my favorite book to have a good read in the sun, right? But what about the lighting and what about how flat the book is? Okay, clearly I’m not actually there, but I wish I could be! This original image is from when I went to a Broadway show in 2019. I liked the idea of trying to change what was in my hands for this as before I was holding a playbill. I thought it would be more of a challenge to create the extra layer of my hands, and it was! Do I regret it? Only for how much extra time it took.

Here is the original image:

I tried to lessen the purple lighting but struggled to without ruining the rest of the photo. Overall the hands were definitely the hardest part and I just couldn’t make them look right.

How did I make this?

First I made duplicate layers of the original image. I then used the selection tool, Intelligent Scissors to just select the hands on the top layer.

Then I inverted the selection and erased the outside of the image.

I did the same process on the next layer to cut out me from the background. Then I opened the background I wanted and put it behind the two layers. I then added a 4th layer between the hand layer and the main layer of the book I wanted. I scaled it down until I could place it just right in my hands!

3 thoughts on “I swear I was there

  1. Hi Mia! I love this blog post of yours! Your tutorial was super easy to follow for GIMP. I used Adobe Photoshop for my assignment, so I was pleased to see how I could also complete this in GIMP. I think your final image looks great, and the only thing I would’ve done is make it black and white maybe so the contrast is not as harsh. Other than that, great work!

  2. Hi Mia! I thought this was really good!!! My only suggestion would be to change the brightness and contrast of your picture to match the background a little more! I thought this was fantastic though!

  3. Mia, way to crush the assignment! Macy’s idea of editing the picture with black and white would definitely help with the lighting contrast. I’m impressed with your technique for cutting out your hands and replacing the playbill. I will definitely refer back to this blog when I need to edit something so specifically.

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