Should you accept cookies?

Take a well-known kids book and recast it as a computer book. Look for inspiration here:

(Design Assignment Computer Books for Kids)

“How many kids do you think use computers everyday but don’t really understand what it means to accept a cookie from a website? In If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you will learn the two types of cookies used in web browsing as well as the benefits and potential dangers of allowing cookies.”

When coming up with this assignment, I thought it would be funny to use the original book title to and change it to be the computer book. It worked well here because obviously a mouse and a cookie are both parts of every day computer workings. I appreciated the simple cover that I only had to remove the mouse and crayon from the original image and could cover the rest of the pieces with other icons.


I first got an image of the original book cover and used the paint tools and color picker to cover the mouse and crayon with the background colors.

Then I added in the computer mouse as well as the “cookie” icons using open as layers under the file tab.

Then I used used the transform tools to scale, crop, and rotate them until they were the right size and in the right place on the image.

Then I was able to export the image and have my book cover!

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