The Cover is a Lie

First you take a video game cover. Then you make an honest title meaning what the game really is. Then you blot out the old title and put in your new title.

This visual assignment was the ‘Honest Game Cover’. I thought this was funny because often after buying games I look at them and really wonder why I thought I would like it. I chose this game because I noticed many brands are incorporating games into three in ones where it is now impossible to just buy one game. While this is nice as you get more content in one game, it also tends to draw away from the lower quality older games in the mix when the newer one is more functional and smoother to play. The cover image is also deceiving because it enhances the quality of the game above what it looks like when playing. When I first went to play this game set, I thought the remastering of the game was going to make it nice and new, instead I was left disappointed by the two older games. The reason I connected this to digital story telling is because I think there is a lot of deception in what you see. Just like the game cover being a shiny new image over a lesser quality product, often the curated stories people show online create the same idea. There is a perfect cover to hide the imperfections of the real story.

As for my process in this, I just used a blur tool to remove the original words and inserted text to manipulate the photo I took of the game case on my desk. I’m still barely getting the hang of photo manipulation so it could use some improvement.

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