The ugly can still be beautiful

Take a photograph of something (If you take a picture from the internet, make sure to be nice and cite the original) and transform it through GIMP, Photoshop, etc, into a drawing.

(Draw it Assignment) A bag of limes were deemed unworthy in a small roadside stand in North Carolina. All 8 of them were rejects but far from being useless. They had big dreams of going far like their hundreds of friends in the bucket. One wanted to be a pie, while another wanted to be in guacamole. But sadly the limes were deemed to ugly to go on their own. So they got rejected and sent away until one had a crazy plan, if they worked together they were worth more than just one pretty lime, that even if they were deemed ugly they still could be GOOD limes. They banded together and decided to promote themselves they were 8 ugly but good limes and they decided they liked it that way and put themselves on display. Because what’s better? One pretty lime, or 8 that may not look as nice but can to much more than one?

I edited this picture that was taken at a roadside stand in North Carolina to look like a canvas painting I always loved this photo and I really like the effect this added.

Here is my tutorial:

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