Hey that looks like…

Recently on Pinterest I discovered some images of designs people made out of barcodes. Turn a simple. boring barcode into something interesting by using an image of a barcode and forming a different object or design. For examples, look here.

(Design Assignment Barcode Transformation)

Everyone is trying to make their products stand out now. Incorporating unique designs are important to luring consumers in, and that includes barcodes. Nowadays brands can shape their barcodes into anything, from rolling hills, to animals, to even just fun designs. Since I work at a store I see this often on products and the only rule is that there must be one part of the image that the barcode can be read straight across. I chose to use a tiger as my image because it incorporates a colored barcode and they already have stripes. Since barcodes read the lighter spaces it is important that a colored barcode uses a shade far enough from black that it will still work. While this isn’t the most important design aspect of a product, it is always fun to find one when doing your shopping.

How its made:

I found an image of a barcode that was already the color I wanted as well as a silhouette of a tiger.

I then used the select > by color tool to select just the silouette and I erased within those lines using the erase tool.

Finally I just pulled the erased area over the barcode and got my tiger!