What Draws the Eye?

We tend to surround ourselves with things that make us happy. Take a photo in your house or workplace and then find a creative way to make your favorite things about that space stand out. No limit to how many things you highlight, but make it interesting and intriguing.

(Visual Assignment These are a few of my favorite things) This method of editing has always been very interesting to me as we have a photo in my house of my sister playing softball. In the photo the ball was the only thing in color drawing the viewers attention to it and giving a very cool impact. (I will update when I can find the photo) When doing this visual assignment, I took a shelf in my room with thing that I’ve collected over the years, mainly knickknacks and books I liked, and pinpointed the things I liked the most with color. Each thing I highlighted has a story, from my love of dungeons and dragons, to my pride in being Canadian, to a couple really good memories from high school.

If you compare it to the original full color image, there is no rhyme or reason that shows the real value of anything. And while some of the things that are up there have a good story, they don’t reflect me right now, they reflect a past time and I keep them up for the memories.

I had to look up a tutorial myself to complete this assignment as I am so new to photo editing, but in the end once I understood the layering and what tools to use. I made two layers of the same photo, turned the top one black and white, then proceeded to erase the spots I wanted colored so that they showed through from the base image.