What if the Sky was Red?

Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks!

(Visual assignment Color Changer) Imagine you woke up one day and the sky was red. Not just a beautiful sunset but a deep unnatural red. Would that change the perception of colors? The ocean is only blue because of the sky, so would the water be red would the foliage seem greener in contrast with the flame of the sky? For this visual assignment, I used the idea of manipulating the colors to imagine what this would be like. A lot of this idea came from a comic I have read where people can’t see color so when the main character begins to see them, he gets overwhelmed with the changes in his sight, often leading to a breakdown. My idea was if a big part of your life changed, like the sky turning red, how would it effect you and the rest of the world? Would you see the world differently?

To create this photo I just messed with the colors, hue, saturation, and lightness in GIMP until I got my desired result.